Kolkata Hospital Shuts Down TV To Avoid Football Excitement

Kolkata Hospital Shuts Down TV To Avoid Football Excitement

Fear of an increase in heart disease in the excitement of the football World Cup. For this reason, several hospitals in Kolkata have restricted patients from watching the games. Experts say don’t watch tiebreakers if you have a weak heart.

West Bengal including Kolkata is shaking with football fever. Head-to-head matches are decided by tiebreakers. Brazil left, Argentina advanced. Several hospitals in Kolkata have already taken measures to prevent heart damage to patients in football excitement.

Authorities at Amri Hospital have removed all sports channels from cable TV. From the group stage to the pre-quarters and quarter-finals, matches started at 8:30 p.m. local time. Therefore, the decision of the Amri authorities is to completely shut down television after eight o’clock in the evening.

Charnock Hospital is also watching the World Cup closely. People with heart disease and high blood pressure are not allowed to watch the game. But in the case of other patients, the liberal authorities of Charnak, are not prevented from monitoring their game.

Woodlands Hospital is a bit more generous for football-mad Bengalis. Authorities have left it up to patients to decide what kind of entertainment they want on TV.

However, according to hospital sources, it has been asked to issue restrictions on the broadcasting of football if necessary in specific cases. Doctors believe there are seeds of fear in the love of football.

Cardiologist Anjan Seotia from BM Birla Hospital said high blood pressure is associated with heart disease. A survey was conducted in Germany during the 2006 World Cup. It can be seen that the number of heart diseases has increased. The number was higher on the day Germany played.

There are cases of football players suffering from heart attacks during matches. The memory of the European Cup last June is still fresh. During the game against Finland, Christian Eriksen from Denmark collapsed on the pitch due to a heart attack. Later, a pacemaker had to be implanted in his chest. He participated in the current World Cup.

This effervescence on the ground multiplies in the gallery. With reports of heart attacks occurring while watching football matches, the World Cup adds to the excitement. Recently, such an incident happened during the game between the two top teams of Kolkata, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

East Bengal lost to Mohun Bagan in a big game last October. Jaishankar Saha, 38, suffered a heart attack on the pitch after the match. The East Bengal fan later died in hospital.

In September, such an incident also took place abroad. A fan suffered a heart attack during a Barcelona game in the Spanish league. According to the media, he was quite excited during the match. However, the supporter later recovered.

According to Bangladeshi media, an Argentine fan from Faridpur suffered a heart attack while watching the match. Messi fan Manavendrakumar Saha felt bad after the Netherlands equalized in the last minute of regulation time. He died shortly afterwards. It is believed to be a death due to football excitement.

Cardiologist Dr. explained the physiological reasons. Kunal Sarkar said, “The effect of excitement falls on different parts of the body. What happens if a stationary car suddenly shifts into fourth gear? As a result of excitement, the heart beats the most. Why is it football, it can also be for other reasons. But not every World Cup game is exciting, I even fell asleep watching the boring game!

Many doctors don’t think having a disease should take away the joy of football. Kolkata’s frontline cardiologist, Dr. Bhavatosh Biswas told Deutsche Welle that football is a joy to watch. The excitement of joy is not bad, but good for the heart. But those who are seriously ill, the story is different. Why football, they have to stay away from everything.

Many hospitals no longer see the need for such restrictions. Medica Dr. superspecialty hospital one of the leaders. Kunal Sarkar told Deutsche Welle that originality should not be shown. Enjoying the game is the real thing.

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