Konal, who did not appear in the video for fear of dancing, danced with Imran

Konal, who did not appear in the video for fear of dancing, danced with Imran

Imran and Konal came out of the same reality show. They starred in several popular films together. These songs are popular. Both have won National Film Awards in recognition of their work.

New news, Imran-Konal has made a music video together for the first time in a long career. Their duet song is called ‘Man Mayuri’. Composed by Shahriar Marcel, written by Manju Mann Ara. Along with this, there are some lyrics of regional tribal songs.

Referring very well to the experience of the first music video with Konal, Imran said, “I make more romantic videos. But it’s not that type of music video. A very upbeat song with a fun dance. Songs suitable for all dance performances. I think the new combo will be a hit and seeing me and Konal on screen will appeal to all segments of the audience.

Imran-Konal’s music video was not done together for a long time as they did not get along. Speaking about the new song, Konal said, “I already make music videos. Because you have to dance when you go to the video. And I don’t feel comfortable dancing at all. That’s why I didn’t come to the clips I did earlier because there was dancing. But the song ‘Man Mayuri’ is so good that I agreed to make the video.

The song is a lot of dancing, you’ll want to dance after hearing it! The song was designed for the wedding season, Valentine’s Day as well as spring.

Imran-Konal’s music video was directed by Saikat Reza. The clip will be released on CMV’s YouTube channel on February 5 in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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