Kubera is Mishu Kapila Mahi


Kubera is Mishu Kapila Mahi

Manik Bandyopadhyay’s classic novel “Padma Nadiman Majhi” is the main character of Kuber. Another character is Kapila. Kuber and Kapila’s characters are now coming to the small screen.

Popular TV actress Samira Khan Mahi will be seen as Kapila in a special series titled “Emon Je Hota.” And Mishu Sabbir plays the role of Kuber.

It was written by Rajibul Islam Rajib. It was produced by Saju Muntasir under the banner of 1952 Entertainment Productions. The series is co-directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud and Saidur Rahman Russell.

Producer Saju Muntasir says, a work of new ideas from a completely different mood “if only”. We tried to create series rich in performances of the best popular actors with the best directors of the time. I hope the audience will enjoy the series.

Besides Mishu, several other actors will appear in this series as popular characters from historical and past times. In which actor Chashi Alam will appear as the monster from Aladdin.

Jovan will be seen as Devdas. Mukit Zakaria will be seen in the role of Bhanu of Dhaka, inspired by the famous actor from Upper Bengal, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay.

It has been reported that “If It Happened” will soon air on Machranga TV.


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