Kubra had to have an abortion for one night’s bliss

Kubra had to have an abortion for one night’s bliss

Entertainment desk: Famous ‘Sacred Game’ Bollywood actress Kubra Sait. Had a one-night stand with a friend in 2013. Later had to have an abortion. Kubra Sait, who plays trans woman Kuku in the Sacred Games series, has released her book “Open Book: Not a Quiet Book.”

Kubra Sait

In it he talks about his childhood in Bangalore, being unable to mingle with people due to physical problems and his success as an artist. In the book’s “I Wasn’t Ready to Be a Mother” chapter, she talks about spending a night out with a friend, then getting pregnant and having a miscarriage.

Recalling this incident in an interview, she said, after a week I decided to have an abortion. I was not ready to be a mother. It was not possible for the way I wanted to organize my life. There was no pressure to get married at 23 and have children at 30.

Kubra wrote in his book that in 2013 he and his companions went on vacation to the Andamans At that time they were having a drink after scuba diving at night Later that night he became close to a friend Later, when her period started to stop, she took a test and found out she was pregnant.

Kubra writes, A week later, I decide to have an abortion. I wasn’t ready for that. He was then 30 years old. He presented most of the stories of his life very vividly in this book. She also said that she had no choice but to have an abortion after being misdiagnosed as a teenager.

Kubra Sait was born in Bangalore, India. Kubra first appeared on stage at the age of five He started being taunted by others before the age of eight Then, at the age of 13, he participated in a Personality program Find out who radically changed his life. She made her Bollywood debut with Ready by Salman Khan.

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He was then seen in Sultan, Jawani Jaaneman, Dolly Kitty Aur Oh Chamakte Sitare, City of Life. However, this actress got special recognition thanks to Netflix’s Sacred Game web series.

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