Laal Singh Chaddha: ‘When people celebrate destruction…’, Laal Singh Chaddha screenwriter calls for boycott


Laal Singh Chaddha: ‘When people celebrate destruction…’, Laal Singh Chaddha screenwriter calls for boycott

Aamir Khan’s new film Laal Singh Chaddha (Laal Singh Chaddha) has been embroiled in extreme controversy even before its release. The 20-day income of this film, made at a cost of 180 crores, is only 127 crores. The silver screen’s Lal Singh Chadha left the country and went overseas amid controversy. Aamir’s Lal Singh Chadha is doing well at the box office. Atul Kulkarni, the screenwriter of the film, opened his mouth for the first time in this context. In a tweet that hit social media, he wrote, “People are in the mood to celebrate the destruction.” Because of this comment by Atul Kulkarni, netizens called on him to boycott social media.

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By the way, on Sunday, Atul Kulkarni, screenwriter of Lal Sang Chadha, wrote on Twitter: “The moment of destruction has become a spectacle”. People celebrate this destruction. Lal Singh Chadha screenwriter Atul Kulkarni called the whole issue a “world phenomenon” or “world event” in the tweet.

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Although Atul Kulkarni did not directly mention Lal Singh Chadha in the tweet, netizens have no difficulty understanding Atul Kulkarni’s comments regarding the movie. Internet users have called for a boycott of this film. That’s why Amiri Magic is back at the box office. And some netizens believe that Atul Kulkarni sought out their celebration. Atul Kulkarni, however, is not very talkative despite his call for a boycott.

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On Atul’s tweet, one netizen wrote in support, “I get it. In this dark world, a man is ready to celebrate the destruction of others. It’s really unfortunate.” Another netizen wrote, “Don’t don’t worry. This bad moment will pass one day… You continue your work.” Netizens also lambasted Atul with negative comments. He wrote on social media that if the movie is good, everyone will watch it. If there is no creation, the viewer does not see the image. .

Atul Kulkarni created his new identity as a screenwriter for the first time by taking the hand of Lal Singh Chadha. It has been associated with the film career for over three decades. He also won the national award twice as a supporting actor. He was last seen as a co-star in Rudra: The Edge Of Darkness airing on Disney and Hotstar digital platforms.

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