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Lady Gaga didn’t want to date Shah Rukh Khan, because…

Lady Gaga didn’t want to date Shah Rukh Khan, because…

Date with the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan! It’s a dream! A woman once rejected this opportunity. She is Hollywood pop star Lady Gaga. In an interview, he clarified that he would not go on a date with Shahrukh. Fans of the hero were deeply saddened to learn of Shahrukh’s condition.

Popstar Lady Gaga came to India in 2011. He was later interviewed by Shahrukh Khan. The two stars chatted. Gaga was taught Hindi by King Khan. This video is viral again.

During the interview, a fan asked Lady Gaga if she wanted to date Shahrukh Khan or not? The fan also informed that Shah Rukh Khan married Gauri in 1991.

After learning this, Gaga told Shah Rukh, “Are you married? Then there is no question of going out together! Shahrukh had a heartbroken expression on his face. He said, ‘Who told him about my marriage?’

Gaga, however, is adamant about her statement. He said, “I’m a very good girl. I don’t believe in dates. I want to be a man. I’m an old hand at this. So there is no question of going on a date with Shahrukh.

Shahrukh, however, responded jokingly. He said, ‘You have dashed all my hopes.’

The 2011 interview was also controversial. There, Shahrukh tried to force Lady Gaga to offer her watch. Gaga didn’t want to take anything. I said, give it to a devotee.

In response, Shahrukh said if he doesn’t like it, he can throw it away. Then Shah Rukh forcibly held the cup of coffee for Gaga. What Gaga didn’t like. He said such a big star was holding the cup for him, feeling uncomfortable.

(Dhakatimes/03 Sep/AH)

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