‘Lage MD Shut Down’ – Instantly Viral

‘Lage MD Shut Down’ – Instantly Viral

Actor Musafir Bachchu was handcuffed, detective police stood next to him, cash, cell phones, laptops, drones, bottles of foreign liquor were kept on the front table.

Theater director Kajal Arefin shared such a photo on Facebook and wrote, “Lage Achi dotcom MD arrested.”

Internet users immediately jumped on it. The post has over 4 lakh likes, around 50,000 comments and around 7,500 shares.

Those who watch the Bachelor Point series online have no idea – that this is basically a scene from the drama. And the series is directed by Kajal Arefin.

In the new story of the series, we will see – the fraud of ‘Bachchu Bhai’ who suddenly became rich by opening an e-commerce company named ‘Loge’. Bachchu does illegal business, cheats people, and uses expensive cell phones. And many customers have been deceived into investing in his business. Bachchu was arrested for cheating.

What will be Bachchu Bhai’s punishment in the drama? Many people are curious about this. The Bachelor Point creator, however, has yet to reveal any details.

This episode of the fourth season of ‘Bachelor Point’ will air in a week. Only then will we know what will happen to ‘Bachchu Bhai’.

Besides Musafir Bachchu, the fourth season of the series also stars Ziaul Haque, Marjuk Russell, Chazhi Alam, Sabila Noor, Sanjana Sarkar, Faria Shahreen, Suman Patwari, Shimul, Parsa Ivana, Ashutosh Sujan, Sharaf Ahmed, Abdullah Rana, Monira Mithu. , Paul and others.

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