Late actress Sonali Chakraborty is a shadow of grief in the entertainment world


Late actress Sonali Chakraborty is a shadow of grief in the entertainment world

Kolkata: Actress Sonali Chakraborty has passed away after a long illness He passed away at a well-known hospital in the city around 4:50 a.m. Monday He was 59 years old Sonali is survived by her husband actor Shankar Chakraborty, her daughter and many fans

Sonali has been inextricably linked with Bengali films and soap operas for several decades Apart from acting, dancing was also his favorite pastime He also caught the public’s attention in a flash dance scene with actress Mahua Roy Chowdhury in the movie ‘Dada Keerti’ directed by Tarun Majumdar. His performance in ‘Har Jeet’, ‘Bandhan’ marked the public’s mind

He has also been the bright face of several TV movies and TV soap operas Sonali and her husband Shankar Chakraborty became one of the viewers family members by hosting the popular TV show “Barisaler Baar Kolkatar Kane”. The acting couple’s only daughter works as an assistant director in Mumbai

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Sonali has long been absent from television due to physical illness But recently he was seen in the series “Gantchara” as Khadi i.e. Jethima of Sholanki Roy. She also divorced in August this year Because he had accumulated fluid in his stomach Before that he was being treated with ventilation According to hospital sources, she will be able to return to the life of an actress after her recovery Sonali, suffering from a incurable disease, failed all doctors’ efforts His last rites will end on Monday at Keoratala crematorium

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