‘Leave Ferrari, leave Casio and buy Rolex’, Shakira for Peak!

‘Leave Ferrari, leave Casio and buy Rolex’, Shakira for Peak!

Pop singer Shakira gave voice to the new song. The lyrics to her song are believed to have been written for her ex-boyfriend and the father of her two children, Gerard Pique. Where Shakira compares to the old brands Casio and Renault.

If you translate Shakira’s words into Bengali, they say, “No revenge darling (baby). I hope whoever you are replacing is doing well. I still don’t know what happened to you, why you became a such a strange person, which is not even possible to say in private now. Out of 22, I was only two for you.

Then Shakira said to her ex-boyfriend: “You are running too fast, slow down”, “You brought home a Ferrari instead of a Twingo (Renault), you gave up the Casio and bought a Rolex”. You’re running too fast, stop.

Shakira’s breakup with Pique has left the former Spain and Barca defender in a new relationship. He is in love with a young woman named Clara Chia. Shakira broke up with Peake after he cheated on her.

Shakira compared herself to Reno. Because Renault is a little cheaper than Ferrari. But the speed is made. Although Ferrari is ahead in exterior beauty. Likewise, the watch brand Rolex is expensive. It’s beautiful too. But Casio battery is much better and can keep accurate time for a long time.

Whether or not Shakira sings for PKK, Casio and Renault commercials are over. Both luxury brands responded to Shakira’s song. Casio said, “We liked his consideration (however small) for us.” Reno replied, “Ladies and gentlemen, turn up the volume.”

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