Legal notice to remove Lifebuoy soap ad within 72 hours


Legal notice to remove Lifebuoy soap ad within 72 hours

A legal notice has been sent to stop and remove advertising with ‘Doctor’s Paramash Free offer worth 300 Tk’ if you use Lifebuoy soap. This notice has been sent to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Unilever Bangladesh Limited and the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Dr obstetrician and gynecologist on Wednesdays. Naushin Sharmin sent a notice to SK attorney Yusuf Rahman on Purvi’s behalf. Later, he told reporters that this ad should be removed from all TV channels and social media within the next 72 hours. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against Unilever.

It says in the notice that recently an advertisement of Lifeboy soap from the multinational corporation Unilever is shown on all the TV channels in Bangladesh, it says that if you use Lifeboy soap, they will give free medical advice from a value of 300 Tk. Which is very defamatory to the medical community.

He is informed that by this publicity doctors have been dishonored and their reputations destroyed. Because doctors are not a commodity on which you can put a price. Where the services of doctors are considered noble and they work tirelessly to improve the health status of the people of Bangladesh.

The notice further states that this “offensive” advertisement should be removed from electronic, print and social media such as TV channels, YouTube, Facebook, etc. and that an apology must be offered to the medical community of Bangladesh.

You are also asked to refrain from creating and spreading such derogatory advertisements against any community. Otherwise, legal action will be taken soon, the notice said.

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