Legendary Afghan musician Qamar Gula has died

Legendary Afghan musician Qamar Gula has died

The legendary Afghan musician Qamar Gula is no more. He died on December 10 at the age of 72 while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Toronto, Canada. Several media, including the BBC, the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, confirmed his death.

The singer known as “Melody Queen” has been making music for over five decades. He has received prestigious awards in Afghanistan and Pakistan for his outstanding contribution to Pashtun language music.

Veteran Pakistani TV actor Jamal Shah paid tribute to Gula on Twitter. He wrote in his tweet, Rest in Peace Marman Kamar Gula. You have brought the range, depth and beauty of Pashto music to music lovers for decades, which we will remember forever.

Born in 1952 in Nangrahar Province, Afghanistan, Qamar Gula began his singing career at the age of seven. It was 15 years later that his Pashto folk songs were first broadcast on radio and television. After that he became a very popular artist.

Kamar Gula has received over 200 awards and honors for his contribution to Pashto folk music. He reached the peak of fame in the seventies. She was the second female musician in Afghanistan to be seen singing on radio and television. During the Afghan Civil War, he left the country and emigrated to Canada with his family. Fans describe her as the golden voice of Afghanistan and the queen of Afghan radio.


We know that he sang in more than 2500 albums during his musical career. Among his most popular songs are “Che Meena Khudai, Raja Che Uwewa Jura” and “Pa Ma Maina”.

Kamar Gula became more musically inclined after marrying music manager Ustad Mohammadin Jakhel. Her husband also trained her in folk songs, ghazals and Afghan symphonies. Kamar Gula’s father was also a musician.


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