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Life is never calculated: Ilyas Kanchan

Life is never calculated: Ilyas Kanchan

Ilyas Kanchan is a popular actor and cinema organizer from Dhakai. Lately, he is less seen as an actor. Today is the actor’s birthday. He talked about the day’s celebration, current commitments, and contemporary issues in today’s “Hello…” segment.

* What does the birthday mean to you?

**Birthdays mean nothing special to me. I never celebrate birthdays myself. Every day I remember Allah and I go to work from home. Return home to remember Allah again. To be healthy is the request of the creator. I want people around me to be well.

* Some people celebrate your birthday…

** It’s true, my family members do things. My daughter ordered the cake online from abroad and sent it. My son is not here for this birthday. He is in Canada. However, it was also organized by the organization ‘Nerapada Sadak Chai’. It is their love. But I want to distribute the expenses that will or will be on my birthday to needy or street children. It’s my love.

* What is your program today?

** The whole day will be like any other day. Perhaps it will be organized on the occasion of an anniversary; But I’m at home, maybe the afternoon after my organization will be meeting the filmmakers. It looks like there will be something organized. Spend time with other association members. If there is work, I will do the work.

* Having spent more than five decades in the world of cinema, have you ever calculated your achievements?

** Life is never calculated. Still to be done. I learned a lot from movies. I don’t count failure. Life is about having and not having. I always trust in God. I’m still doing very well. I want to leave the world for good.

* Performed in a play a few days ago. Want to be a regular here?

** I have not given up playing. If anyone brings in a good job, whether it’s a play or a movie, I’ll definitely do it.

* What is the news of recent films?

** I learned that a movie called ‘Fire Dekha’ will be released next year. I finished my work in the movie ‘Netri: The Leader’. Apart from this, a movie titled “Bangladesh Fatakest” is also on the release list.

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