Life will take a big turn with this film: Mahi


Life will take a big turn with this film: Mahi

Simon Sadiq and Mahia Mahi famous couple from ‘Poraman’. Both were praised for starring in this film. Now they are offering a “live action” movie based on a true story.

The film directed by Shamim Ahmed Roni will be released on September 9, the director said. On the occasion of the release of the film, a press conference was organized in a hotel in Iskaton of the capital.

The press conference was attended by Ilyas Kanchan, president of the Association of Film Artists, actress Nipun Akhter, actor Simon Sadiq and others.

Meanwhile, Mahia Mahi said that when I go to work, I can understand how good it is. Acting in a live film made me realize that the work was amazing. Everyone played very well here. Simon and I used to chat – this live movie is going to take a big life turn.

Photo: Ittefaq

Regarding the film, Simon Sadiq said: “Last year I signed a contract with Shapla Media for three films. He was one of them. I played in it for 16 minutes. which is preserved in the film. What hard work an actor like me can do in one go! The whole story deserves attention. The shadow of the mystery that was found in the teaser, the audience will see the whole story at the end.

Photo: Ittefaq

Nipun said the scent of Bangladeshi cinema is blowing again. I’ve heard the story of the movie ‘Live’ before. This movie is based on a true story I hope everyone likes the movie. Everyone will come to the movie theater and watch the movie.

Adar Azad, Khairul Bashar, Shiva Shanu, Amin Sarkar, Saberi Alam etc. also starred in this film based on the concept of psycho thriller produced by Shapla Media.

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