Lifetime Award Review, Said by Dolly Zahoor

Lifetime Award Review, Said by Dolly Zahoor

In recognition of her special contribution to Dhaka cinema, acclaimed actress Dolly Zahoor was awarded a Lifetime National Film Award for 2021. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced this through a notification on January 29. He talked about receiving this award, the National Film Award, and some movie issues in today’s “Hello…” segment.

* Received Lifetime Honors. How do you feel

**Feels pretty good. Who doesn’t like receiving awards or recognition. This time I received a lifetime honor, it is a matter of joy for me. I am grateful to my audience. I am in this position today because of their love. But again, there is sadness; In other words, after the lifetime price, there is no more price. Does that mean I can’t do anything else? Is my time up? I think so. But I think I have more to do.

* What is your greatest recognition or honor?

** In fact, we act to please the public. The love of the public is the greatest recognition of my work, the greatest reward. I never thought that I would receive so much love from the public after entering the acting world.

* Lifetime honors have been criticized by some. Do you have anything to say about this?

** No, I have nothing to say. Those who have criticized or expressed anger about the award are also my colleagues. I don’t think they said anything bad about me. Everyone can express themselves. My co-stars too. I thought nothing of them.

* You can’t be seen acting now, why?

** Will not act in movies, said that a long time ago. Maybe I can do it in the theater. But if it’s like the spirit of the character.

* What is your observation on the era/era of drama and cinema?

** Actually, I don’t go on social media or YouTube much. So I can’t say much about the current context. But it is true that at one time the best producers in Bangladesh were producing movies and dramas. There was not as much media to watch drama movies as now. Movies and television were the only forms of entertainment. As a result, the drama films of this era were taken up by the audience. And the dramatic films have been hits. And there is nothing to say about the news.

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