Like ‘etc’ he has no cynics

Like ‘etc’ he has no cynics

Signal of Hanif. Apart from ‘etc’, the person Hanif Sanket is an absolute trusted name for our people. Today is Hanif Sanket’s birthday. He was born on October 23, 1958 in Barisal. It floats with good wishes on this special day. Fans and well-wishers wish him luck in all mediums, including social media.

Hanif Sanket is a reflection of the country’s magazine shows today. It’s hard to imagine a scene in magazines etc. without this man. Hanif Sanket may not be physically present in many scenes, but regular viewers know full well that there is a mature brain behind the scenes. All rhyming dialogue comes out of this brain. As long as the viewer sees ‘etc.’, he actually sees the Hanif signal. This is why the signs ‘etc’ and Hanif are complementary. In the past 50 years, how many programs have appeared on Bangladeshi television, “etc.” Hanif Sanket dominates the roost creating his own distinct style

The first episode of Etadi aired in March 1989. At first it aired twice a month. BTV’s first packet magazine program of the packet era was also ‘Ettadi’. How much has changed in 32 years – the satellite era has arrived, the YouTube-OTT era has arrived. Audiences are sitting with the world of entertainment in their hands thanks to the benefits of cell phones, but the appeal of ‘etc’ has not diminished so much for them.

Hanif Sanket is a popular novelist outside of “And”. Banan performs for TV every year on Eid. There, he also highlighted various inconsistencies in society. After all, he is “our man” for ordinary people. Usually popular people have supporters as well as haters, but Hanif Sanket is the only exception in this country, he has no haters like ‘etc’.


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