Like Neha, Hina Khan also learned how to deceive the public

Like Neha, Hina Khan also learned how to deceive the public

Entertainment Bureau: Stars are now adopting different methods to promote new films. Hina Khan, a TV actress from Mumbai, India, shared a teaser of a web series on her Instagram story and wrote, Cheating is the only truth that endures. Then the rumors started. But has Hina Khan been separated?
Hina Khan
This idea is completely wrong. With which the world of the net started a frenzy. Netizens claim that Hina is also inspired by singer Neha Kakkar. So Hina also learned to deceive her fans.

In fact, Hina knows how to play with fans’ emotions under the guise of publicity, the actress breaking buzz around Hina’s post. But the result is something else. Hina has not divorced. As soon as the truth was proven, fans kept taunting Hina. ‘

Hina wrote in the post, “Remember to forgive yourself for blindly trusting someone who cheated on you.” Sometimes a good heart can’t see the bad things. ‘

Hina is in love with her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal, they are still together. But why did he make such a mysterious message? In fact, that’s it for publicity. Hina said these things about her new projector to get the audience’s attention. Hina’s new web series “Shadyantra” is coming.

Her teaser was released recently. Sharing the teaser for this mystery-shrouded web series, the actress said, ‘The truth about the scam will come out. Besides Hina, her boyfriend also shared the teaser. The actress does these things to promote her new project. ‘

Kunal Roy Kapur, Chandan Roy will also be seen along with Hina Khan in the series. Seeing this post from Hina, fans got angry and started worrying about Hina.

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