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little hope

Heavy voice, heroic appearance – these two feature films captured the audience’s attention from the very beginning. This boy will one day run Dhaka’s cinema – this comment has been heard from many producers. Hero Ziaul Roshan has been trying to prove himself in Dhaka cinema for six years. Somewhat. As a child, Roshan’s mother wanted her son to become a BCS executive. Father wanted his son to be an army officer. Roshan wanted to be a cricketer. None of these three made it to Roshan. Become a hero. Roshan said, “Being a hero has been a plus. I can be anything now. BCS executive, army officer or cricketer – all.

The movie ‘Operation Sundarban’, made about RAB’s adventure to rid Sundarban bandits, was released recently. Roshan’s father’s dream came true thanks to this film. Roshan appeared as Lieutenant Commander Rishan in the film. Not only Haji, the character greatly impressed the audience. Deep voice, height, command – all in all he became a big person in black. As long as Roshan was on screen, he was like an RAB officer. However, Roshan didn’t have to struggle to become Rishaan of the screen. To operate a firearm, RAB training had to be completed. He said, “All of us who worked in this film gave the best job from our respective positions. The way an RAB officer moves, the handling of his pistol, command, body language – all must be learned. Which was very difficult for us. We all worked hard to make the movie realistic. After receiving positive feedback from audiences after the film’s release, we felt our pain was worth it.’

Ziaul Roshan’s journey to Dhallywood started with the movie “Rakta”. After that, he strengthened his position by acting in a few films. He also worked with Dev in Kolkata. ‘Jin’, ‘Maya’ await release; The films Love’, ‘Revenge’, ‘Beatre’, ‘Prem Puran’ and ‘Jamdani’. It can be said that he is one of the busiest movie heroes in Dhaka at this time. Roshan said, “All the movies pending release are big budget. The films will be released in phases over the next few days. It’s that the movies come out one after another, he becomes the main hero of the miner, the fan base is created – how does Roshan feel? Roshan said in words, “Audience love doesn’t happen overnight. Trying to reach the public for six years. Now I receive their love. They come to the cinema to see my film. This is a great find for me. To increase the scope of this love, I want to give good deeds in the future. Roshan isn’t just stuck within the confines of cinema. It also made its web debut. Starred in the web movie ‘Shuklapaksha’. It was also published in Charki. He said this medium is also becoming popular now. Viewers also see good works online. But Roshan is more interested in working on the big screen. According to him, “the issue of the big screen is different. There is a different joy in watching a movie on a cinema screen. There is Phil. But I see the work of all mediums with eyes of importance. Roshan is the youngest of a family consisting of two sisters and a brother. His foray into cinema was made in 2016 by Jazz Multimedia. Let’s hear from Roshan: “I received a call from the production company Jaz Multimedia after seeing my photo on Facebook. I went there out of curiosity. That day, I met Aziz Bhai. He asked me, ‘How tall are you?’ Say, ‘6 feet 2 inches.’ Without asking anything else, he immediately offered me to play in the movie ‘Rakta’. I accepted without thinking. The deal was done that day.” We talked a lot about work. Personal life is no exception. Roshan is soon to marry his longtime girlfriend, Tasnim Isha. They got engaged a long time ago. Arrange the marriage soon. He said, “My future wife’s studies are almost finished. He asked me for time. After graduation, the two families sit down and decide on the wedding date. Now all that’s left is marriage. Although initially my in-laws didn’t like entertainment people very much. After seeing me face to face, they liked me very much (laughs). That’s why they agreed to get married. I don’t know the rest.


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