Local shoe company buys, sells and trades sports shoes – Salisbury Post – News


Local shoe company buys, sells and trades sports shoes – Salisbury Post – News

Salisbury Kicks: Local shoe company buys, sells and trades athletic shoes

Published on Sunday, September 25, 2022 at 00:00

By Madeleine Wagner

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SALISBURY — After seeing the need for a designer shoe and athletic shoe store, two men moved their freelance business from high school to a downtown storefront.

Jonathan Gooden and Dalton Belmonte 207 S. Owner of Salisbury Kicks on Main St.

They graduated from West Rowan High School in 2018, and the West End Plaza is a reminder of the booming business life on Statesville Boulevard, now home to a movie theater, skating rink and mall bustling with vendors.

“We want to bring the neat stuff back to Salisbury,” Belmonte said.

Gooden agreed, saying the pair saw the need for a store like theirs in the area.

Their long-term goal is to open a store in a mall, but after research, renting a store in a mall can cost thousands of dollars a month. Gooden and Belmonte therefore opened Salisbury Kick on July 6, focusing on developing their first physical store.

“It was something we had never seen or thought possible,” Belmonte said.

The two were put to work in an unpaid position at the store for six months to gain experience in the industry. However, when the previous owner’s plans fail, the two start making money as shop owners.

Jason Wallace set them up with a lease for space on South Main Street, which took two and a half weeks to prepare before opening. Setting up shelves, cases and artwork used to be one of the basics for displaying their collection, but over the past two months they have doubled the number of pairs of shoes available.

The store’s inventory expanded to 350 after buying more and some people came to sell shoes.

“Opening inventory was taken care of, we just had cold shoes at home because we’ve been selling for a while,” Belmonte said.

An extra shelf had to be added for used shoes, a “problem” which Belmonte said was nice to have.

“I’ve been selling for about four or five years,” Gooden said. “I had an Instagram page that I sold.”

The shoes are available now on their @salisburykicks Instagram page. The product variety isn’t limited to shoes, as the store also sells designer apparel from brands such as Supreme, Babe, and Chrome Hearts, a brand typically only available in Miami and Los Angeles. Through networking, the two have connections to buy exclusive brands from individuals who travel to acquire shirts for retailers. Additionally, the store sells second-hand vintage clothing.

The two plan to collect socks and hats to buy soon.

The store features street-inspired artwork by Salisbury High School student Noah Merr, whose work can also be found on Instagram @noahmerr. Fake grass will be added to the walls of the reception as well as carpets on the floor.

Their next focus includes their dream of buying, selling and trading in a storefront and mall environment in Mooresville before expanding to other stores.

“We have big plans,” Belmonte said. “You have to work for it. I didn’t think we would get this far so fast. I didn’t expect 350 pairs (of shoes) in two months. We put everything we had in there. »

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