Look at a small hidden camera in the hotel room, where is this camera? – PROTHOM KOLKATA


Look at a small hidden camera in the hotel room, where is this camera? – PROTHOM KOLKATA

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How to check the hidden camera: Staying in a hotel room while on vacation? Have you thoroughly inspected the house? The camera is not hidden? The hidden camera can record all your private moments. If you blackmail this video, you will be caught. How to feel that there is a camera in the house?

You don’t even realize hidden cameras in hotel rooms are filming your private moments. Hidden cameras can be installed in hotel rooms. This can also happen in the mall test room. How to understand that the camera was installed in the house? Don’t forget to check them when you enter the room. Does the hotel room you are staying in have picture frames? Or lampshades or wall clocks? Check after entering the room. Stealth cameras are very small. So it is difficult to see easily. If there is furniture facing the bed, also look closely.

A great place to hide a camera is the bathroom. Do not rush to the hotel bathroom and take a shower first. Before that, take a good look around you. Hidden cameras can be behind the shower head, faucet handle, soap shelf, or mirror. Also take a look to see if the camera is hidden behind the mirror. Look at the mirror with your finger. If there is no space between your fingertip and the reflection of the mirror, then you must understand that the mirror is fake, then there may be a hidden camera behind the mirror. The toothbrush holder, the bathroom door and even the places behind the window should be checked. Sometimes the camera is hidden in the bathroom shower. If you are staying in a hotel, you should take a close look at everything in his room.

Pay special attention to the bulb around the power adapter, alarm the sensor phone if you notice anything unusual. Did you know that the mirror can also be equipped with a camera? Thanks to modern technology, cameras can also be mounted on glass. Electrical panels, light bulb sockets and even televisions are places where hidden cameras can be hidden, so when in doubt, cover them with a towel.

You can find the hidden camera in the mall’s test room. How ? find If you have a device installed in your home, you can find the camera from the mobile app. You can locate any other electronic device using Bluetooth or WiFi. If there is a problem with the phone signal, check your room carefully. Often, cameras are installed in hotel rooms for nefarious purposes. The hidden camera can record all your private moments. So you have to be careful.

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