Looking for another beautiful girl who looks like Aishwarya

Looking for another beautiful girl who looks like Aishwarya

Entertainment desk: Aishwarya Rai’s beauty does not stop people’s bewilderment, and so there is no end to trying to find her likeness. A young woman named Ashita Singh was added to this research phase, about which news from netizens getting angry reached NDTV.

Aishwarya became Miss World in 1994, then she entered the cinema, spread her wings beyond the borders of India and also in the West. Meanwhile, Bachchan has joined the name as a bride.

And in the meantime, fans are trying to find his image. Sneha Ullal was the best known of them. Aishwarya’s ex-boyfriend is star actor Salman Khan who is the finder.

After breaking up with Aishwarya, Salman found Sneha and made a movie about her. Although Sneha failed to leave an impression on the public due to her acting skills, her similarity to Aishwarya’s appearance is believed to have drawn Salman towards her.

Earlier an attempt was made to match Aishwarya’s appearance with Dia Mirza, recently a doctor named Amna Imran was also named in this procession.

But now “social media influencer” Ashita Singh is “trending”. Netizens are searching for her hair, eyes, lip shape and what else Aishwarya looks like.

Ashita is very active on Instagram. He made many coils. Most of them are also made from songs and dialogues from Aishwarya’s films. Many become his fans after seeing the photos, reels and videos shared by him.

How many dollars can foreign and returning travelers keep with them?

Many have commented – saying “unique likeness”, “Aishwarya Pro Max”, etc. Some asked again – ‘What if Salman Khan proposes to you? What to do?’ After a gap of several days, Aishwarya will soon be seen as Princess Nandini in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Ponniyan Selvan-1’.

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