“Looks like Nora didn’t get paid to dance”


“Looks like Nora didn’t get paid to dance”

Nora Fatehir, best known as a dancer, is known as an “item girl” in Bollywood; So many people bought tickets for Nora’s show in Dhaka to see her dance. But they were disappointed because they couldn’t see that star dancing. He also accused the organizers of cheating.

After much speculation, Nora Fatehi appeared Friday at the Global Achievers Award Ceremony hosted by Women’s Leadership Corporation at Lo Meridian Hotel in Dhaka, whose dance is seen in the theme of the World Cup in Qatar.

After landing in Dhaka on Friday afternoon, this Bollywood star took the stage at the hotel to the sound of ‘Nora-Nora’ from the audience. Arrived on stage, he blew a kiss to the audience, gave a short speech and left the awards ceremony.

The price of each ticket for this event was between 5,000 and 15,000 taka. The audience views Nora’s two-minute speech as a “cheat” by paying that much money for a ticket.

After the event, a visitor with a VIP ticket told bdnews24.com, “We haven’t received any of the consideration we deserve as VIP customers. We were shown no respect.

“Nora just arrived, danced like Tik Tok for 15 seconds. After two or four words, he walked away with the prize. He looked very tired. It was as if he had been brought against his will. Only came for two minutes. We haven’t seen anything else.”

Moushumi Akter Nijhum, a private university student came from Mirpur. He told bdnews24.com: “It looks like he was paid just to come, not to dance.

“Nora’s dance practice video was uploaded to the ‘Women Leadership Corporation’ page and asked ‘Are you excited to see this video? Next is the banner of the “Global Achievers Award”. In addition, the public was attracted by showing several clips of Nora dancing. This is clearly misleading the public.

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