Lying on the bed, Hotlook took a photo of the series ‘Maa’, a very viral photo


Lying on the bed, Hotlook took a photo of the series ‘Maa’, a very viral photo

Entertainment desk: Tithi Bose is one of the most popular faces in the television world. Like the current generation, he is also well versed in social media. The actress entered the world of theater with the series “Maa”. But he took a long break at the end of the series. He is currently busy with his studies as well as his personal life. But we hear that he will start playing again. However, it is not possible to say when and by what work.

Tithi Basu goes well with any type of outfit. Whether it’s a bong look or a western outfit, it’s an eye-catcher. A look at his social media page will give you an idea. Recently, Tithi has become popular among netizens due to a photo shared by herself. There was a firestorm of criticism about it in one section of the internet community. Here is the photo.

In a recent viral photo, Tithi was seen lying on a bed in a short dress. Looking at the photo, it is clear that the actress took such a bold shot for a photo shoot. In the photo, we see her lying down, her hair open.

For now, sharing this photo, the actress wrote in the caption, She was sleeping in bed until noon, then Tithi sat there and had breakfast. However, after seeing this caption of the actress, part of the Internet user turned against her.

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According to them, people have to struggle to get their daily food. And they claim that the actress shouldn’t have written such comments with this situation in mind. If you keep an eye on the comment box, you’ll see all these sarcastic comments. But on top of that, as always, this time too, his fans showered him with countless praises.

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