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magical realism

The words magic or magic are very interesting to us. Because we like to watch both. People only want things that are out of reach, imaginary, things that they can’t do. People like to see and read these things. This is what many poets, philosophers, painters and writers have felt throughout the ages. So they brought this magical realism in poetry, stories, paintings.

What is Magical Realism?
What is called magical reality in Bengali. We then enter a magical scene.
There was a man with a paper bag in his hand, the man put a pigeon in the bag and disappeared! How will he feel then? Everyone is shocked! How is it possible! Absolutely amazing!
But in reality, it happened in front of hundreds of people. In fact, the task is unrealistic. But its use in magical realism makes it unbelievable yet real. The author can take the reader in any direction he wishes without hesitation, freedom is unfettered here.
Suppose a man has three sons, the youngest of whom has an odd number. There you go, the boy can reach out his hand 5 times if he wants! Now a story is being written about this family. Since a boy has long arms in the story, the author can improve this character if he wishes. Recently, many people write such stories: poems. But until when will this material appeal to people! It will also age with time travel. So I say, since time is short, small words must inject melancholy, as well as good quality. Many in one. Like a 3D image. If you look at a 3D photo, you can see two or three other images. But it is not possible to count it in literature, thousands of imaginations of thousands of readers. I call it 3D poetry. We were talking about magical realism. Well, tell me something new happens once in a while.
People accept it and some become immortal. This is how magical realism came about. It came with the need of time. However, the question was not there, but it was, in people’s hearts, in people’s thoughts, so it was born.
Magical reality hides a surreality. That’s what people want. So wherever there is magical realism in poetry or fiction; People take it for granted. Because the subject is presented in such a way that it is understood that the affair is really happening. The reader or spectator interferes in the subject without knowing it. Replaces a character. And there he is free. He is trapped in the illusion. That is why it is necessary to choose the words very consciously when writing. When the senses strike the transcendental, let reflection not return. No matter how deep he goes, he takes everything for granted. And at the same time a deeper touch. It’s a scholarship to find this book. Not everyone can do it.
A story within a story: Sorting is really a bit difficult but not impossible. That is, in writing one story, two or three other stories must be written. And these stories are written in the mind. The main story comes out in the enclosure.
Using magic realism is therefore not easy at all.
It is a question of research, reflection, discussion and practice.
Let’s say in a story that a shepherd went to feed the cows. The shepherd took the cows to the field and released them. Cows calmly eat grass.
Suddenly the football game started. All cows play football.
Then the story should be presented in such a way that the reader accepts it and looks forward to reading the next part of the story.
Where do many visitors come from? Everyone encourages players by playing something.
The case cannot continue. And if you want it to be long, you have to be a scholar like I said before.
However, this magic cannot be overstated in reality. But something must be said.
Mexican literary critic Luis Leal said, “If you can explain what it is, it’s not magic reality. In other words, magical reality is something that is not easily explained.
Marquez, the godfather of magical realism, said, “Magic reality is the idea behind the reality we see.” Simply put, magical realism is created by combining elements of fantasy with real-world structures. It’s such a magical feeling that anything seems possible. However, this tradition is often associated with surreal, supernatural, bizarre, fantastical fairy tales. Because telling a story with magic details is not magical realism. According to Lindsay Moore, magical realism is set in the context of objective descriptions of people and society in the natural and modern world.
In 1925, the critic Franz Roh used the term magic realism for the first time. His desire was to describe the tendency of German artists to juxtapose the supernatural and everyday life in their paintings. Later in the 1940s and 1950s, critics from other cultures also imported the concept. George O’Keeffe, Frida Kahlo and Edward Hopper all belong to this magical realism.
The characters of magical realism quite naturally accept their supernatural. Usually in horror stories the characters try to find reasons to create some kind of curiosity and suspense. There is absolutely nothing like it in magical realist literature. Thus, the disappearance of someone from the garden does not seem unusual for the other characters. It seems very likely that this will happen.

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