Mahadia Naim Receives Response To First Original Song


Mahadia Naim Receives Response To First Original Song

Just a month ago, the first original song “Dingune” was released on her YouTube channel. Musician Mahadia Naim expressed his great satisfaction with his first original song on his new YouTube channel last month.

Mahadia Naim is the youngest daughter of Naim-Shabnaz, the most starred couple in the Bangladeshi film industry. He has had a keen interest in music since childhood. This is why Mahadia has endeavored to perfect herself particularly in music in addition to studies. The name of his YouTube channel is “Mahdiyah Naim”.

The song ‘Dingune’ is written and composed by Abhi Moinuddin. Music conducted by Yusuf Ahmed Khan and music composed by Sound Hacker. The music video for Mahadia’s song was directed by her older sister Namira Naim. As Mahadia’s first original song, he said he received a good response on his channel in the past month.

Currently, Mahadia and Namira are in Delhi, India with their parents. When I talked to him on Messenger from there, Mahadia said it was the first original song of his life on his channel. The passion, the love for this song is really different. First of all a big thank you to my parents. This song would not have been born without the inspiration of the two. Second to my sister Namira. Above all, the inspiration and courage of Abhi Moinuddin Uncle, our family’s benefactor, finally made this song.

Since its release, the song has received a good response so far. Sincere gratitude to those who regularly listen to my songs. Many people express their opinion enjoying the song and inspiring me. It also gives me a lot of strength to move forward. Finally, infinite gratitude to Allah Almighty, He has kept me healthy and healthy. Please pray for my parents and the whole family.

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