Mahalaya: Sonamoni Saha will play the character of Mahishasurmardini, Solanki will play Durga


Mahalaya: Sonamoni Saha will play the character of Mahishasurmardini, Solanki will play Durga

Kolkata: Now Sonamoni Saha as Durga. Sonamani is currently playing the main role in the series “Ekka Dokka”. And this time she will be seen as Mahishasuramardini in Mahalaya of a big chain.

Sonamani has gradually established herself on the small screen for a long time. From the series ‘Devi Chaudhurani’, her popularity has increased. Sonamani has just left the small screen and stepped onto the big screen. Sonamani plays the lead role in the movie ‘Behaya’. Mainak Bhowmick directs this film. The film is produced by Rana Sarkar. But due to some temporary issues, the filming of ‘Behaya’ is stopped for the time being. Shooting for this movie will begin once the issue is resolved.

Sonamani’s look as Durga or Mahishasurmardini has been shared by the channel. The body full of gold jewels, the red Benarasi and colorful Ganges, the crown on the head and the bloodshot eyes suit the Sona Mani very well. The name of the show is ‘Ya Chandi’.

Today Abhishek’s photo as Shiva was shared by the channel. Bagchal, with a jattajuto on his head, suits Abhishek quite well. Abhishek was also seen playing the role of Shiva earlier. But this is the first time that Durga is Sonamani Saha. Audiences are waiting to see them together on the small screen.

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The channel has shared the rest of the characters playing. Sholanki will be considered as Durga. Currently, he plays the main role in the series “Gantchara”. Saurabh Das will be Mahishasur. Devachandrima, the heroine of “The Letter of Saheb”, will be seen in the role of Parvati. Chamunda will be the heroine Swastika of the series ‘Anurag Chowya’. The fame of “Gangaram” Abhishek will be seen in the role of Shiva. Maheshwari’s role will be seen in the recognition of ‘Khelaghar’. ‘Guddi’ Shyamaupti plays the role of Vaishnavi. Indrani from the series ‘Nabavanandini’ plays the role of Indri. ‘Khukumani Home Delivery’ heroine Dwipanbita will be seen as Barhi. Sushmita, the heroine of the series ‘Bouma Ekghar’, will be seen in the role of Narasinghi. Brahma will be skillful. Divya Jyoti, the hero of Anurag Choya, will be considered as Vishnu. Indra will be the hero of ‘Alta Faring’ Arnav.

This show will air on September 25th which is early morning Mahalaya. This program will be seen at 5 am. Amit Ishan is in charge of the show’s tone.

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