Mahesh Bhatt converted to marry Sonya, secret information leaked


Mahesh Bhatt converted to marry Sonya, secret information leaked

Entertainment desk: After a long time, actress Kangana Ranaut is back in familiar form. He was found in his old aggressive mood on social media. After a long time, director Mahesh Bhatt targets Kangana again. Why did the director change his real name ‘Aslam’? Kangana raised the issue.

Kangana shared a bunch of videos on social media on Sunday. Each is a video of some of the director’s past speeches. In one video, Mahesh is heard saying, “Ignite the fire within you. From what I read about Islam, I understood that where there is fear there can be no Islam and where there is Islam there cannot be of fear. The actress wrote, “Mahesh.Bhatt ji incites violence with aimless manner and poetry.”

Along with another video, Kangana wrote, “I was told his real name is Aslam. Converted by marrying his second wife Soni Razdan. It’s a pretty name. Why hide? In another video, the actress wrote, “He should use his real name.” Not representing any community when he converted.

Kangana has previously attacked Mahesh Bhatt as a “movie mafia” on several occasions. Two years ago, she alleged that Mahesh almost blackmailed her into giving her daughter Pooja Bhatt to turn down the offer of ‘Dhokha’. Kangana also compares Alia Bhatt from time to time.

Every night the leopard came to the cow, which happened one night

Earlier this year, Kangana also taunted Alia ahead of the release of “Gangubai Kathiabadi.” Wrote, ‘Tk 200 crore will burn to ashes at the box office, for a dad (movie mafia dad) who likes to keep a UK passport. Because dad wants to prove acting can be done in romantic comedies. The worst aspect of the movie is the casting. They won’t heal. This is the reason why the audience for Southern films and Hollywood films is increasing. As long as the power is in the hands of the movie mafia, Shani is dancing with the fate of Bollywood.’

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