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Mahi’s toothless response to teeth comment

Mahi’s toothless response to teeth comment

There is a saying “no one understands the meaning of teeth while having teeth”. Actress Samira Khan Mahi is the laughingstock of netizens for taking care of her teeth.

Mahi had complications with her teeth. Because of this, he sought help from a doctor and improved his appearance with braces. Currently, many world stars are doing the job.

The actress said that many people post comparison photos of Mahi’s previous and current form on social media. Some laugh, others are drunk with condemnation. He also addressed these Internet users. He commented, “Everyone knows I’ve had braces. All my photos and videos are everywhere, what to talk about? The most important thing is if a person gets better opportunities, why shouldn’t they not accept them? What’s wrong with that?’

Mahi thinks it’s important to look good in showbiz work, not to mention there’s the issue of complacency. He said: “Everybody wants to show up in front of people, that’s what I did too. Also, people are changeable. People don’t take care of themselves when they’re young. , then they look different. When people grow up, learn to take care of themselves, a lot of things change. Yes. Also, in the industry I work in, it is very important to look good in addition to whatever I did, I did it for my job, so I don’t understand what the problem is.

Mahi’s clear statement to those who troll for no reason, “I changed myself and I changed a lot of things in my life, I’m doing great Alhamdulillah. Now change yourself mentally and live a good life.”

After a while, Mahi deleted the Facebook post about the controversy-criticism because he was unavailable to talk about it.

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