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Maker’s Explanation on That “Bold” Pooja Scene

Maker’s Explanation on That “Bold” Pooja Scene

The film ‘Hridita’ is based on the novel by famous writer Anisul Haque. Directed by Isfahani Arif Jahan. The government-funded film has Pooja Cheri and ABM Suman in the lead roles. Its trailer was unveiled on Tuesday (September 20).

After that, a scene from the trailer was discussed and criticized. Where it is seen, Pooja is sitting and ABM Suman is drawing her image. Pooja’s undressed appearance is evident in the painting. Who saw a wave of criticism on Facebook. Complaints have been filed, the famous scene of Jack and Rose in the movie ‘Titanic’ has been copied in this movie! However, the scene was removed from the trailer as soon as this criticism began.

Ispahani, the producer of ‘Hridita’ was contacted about this. From his candid confession to the Bengali Tribune, he removed the scene to avoid controversy. He commented, “Just a two-frame shot. Now, if it hurts people, then I don’t give it away! It’s not serious.’

Regarding the criticisms raised on social media, the statement of the producer, ‘Those who say negative words, are they someone of this level? A man (ABM Suman) can make art, the subject of his painting can be anything. In fact, some groups have to pay to promote the film. Now, I haven’t approached any of them. I will promote myself. Movies don’t make money; So where am I going to spend?

When asked if he had received an advertising offer in exchange for money, Ispahani replied: “We already know them. We have been at the cinema for a long time. I don’t even want to say anything about it. A lot of people talk a lot on Facebook, I don’t even answer. It’s good to have a good relationship with a person, is there an advantage to a bad relationship?

Ispahani said the movie “Hridita” was erased uncut some time ago. According to him, if there was something wrong, then permission would not have been given. He said: ‘The film will continue. A man makes art, I didn’t understand what’s wrong.

Ispahani’s comment on the overall experience of making ‘Hridita’, ‘We’ve done action-style commercial films before. Then came the cinema recession. People used to abuse; Makes Hindi and Tamil dub films; He used to taunt me saying these things. It is true that we copied then, the quality was not good. I haven’t done movies for a long time because of the recession. When we had the chance to make a donation film, we tried something good. I made a film from a novel. All in all, I got my own mind’s satisfaction from doing the job.

“Hridita” hits theaters on October 7. On this occasion, a song from the film will be released on September 26. The directors and artists will officially talk about this film that day.

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