Malaika appeared at the Diwali party in a strange outfit


Malaika appeared at the Diwali party in a strange outfit

Entertainment desk: Malaika Arora is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses who stays in the media spotlight for one reason or another. Practices often continue with him. Sometimes about her clothes, sometimes about her relationship with her young boyfriend Arjun Kapoor in the media. In many cases, the actress must be the victim of sarcasm among netizens for various reasons, but she never wants to pay close attention to all these issues. Recently, the actress returned to the front of the stage thanks to her clothes.

Bollywood stars’ Diwali party doesn’t want to end. If you keep an eye on social media pages, some stars’ Diwali celebration videos are going viral. Recently, Malaika Arora has been in the spotlight for her latest Diwali look among some of the netizens.

That day, the actress appeared in front of the paparazzi camera with her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. While fans were happy to see them back together on camera, some actresses weren’t shy about talking about their outfits.

Notably, a big Diwali event was held at Sonam Kapoor. Many famous stars of the industry have been seen there. Malaika Arora’s name was also on this list. About Arjun Kapoor becomes Sonam Kapoor’s grandfather. This is why the actress was present at the event with Arjun Kapoor. There, the actress was seen in a green outfit.

Malaika wore a slit-front skirt with a low-cut blouse. She also tied a long designer yellow veil on her back to complete her look. The actress wore gold stilettos with loose hair. For now, Malaika Arora is the subject of heated debate among some Internet users for her look. I heard several sarcastic comments. But Malaika is used to all these things as an actress.

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Needless to say, he often faced such incidents. At the moment, all these events do not particularly affect him, the lie, however, does not tell separately. However, most of the actress’s fans in the net world once again praised the actress, her glimpses were also found in the net world.

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