Mallika broke off the marriage, left to act, repeatedly hoping for a “happy ending”


Mallika broke off the marriage, left to act, repeatedly hoping for a “happy ending”

Bangladeshi office: People know him through soap operas and movies. Depending on the needs of the story, he sometimes embodies positive characters, sometimes more negative characters. Feel free to break up other people’s families. But who knew that real-life actress Mallika Banerjee (Mallika Banerjee) looks like a soap opera? Although he acted on screen, he repeatedly failed in reality. Still, Mallika couldn’t give up hope for a happy ending.

Mallika is a very popular face on television. She has been seen in both positive and villainous roles in several series. But many did not know the story of her personal life, about which Mallika recently opened her mouth. At an event, he told the real story of the ups and downs of personal life, deception.

Mallika, Belur’s daughter. The father was a central government employee. When Mallika was in eighth grade, the first incident happened in her life. His father fell ill. Their relatives also began to avoid them. At this young age, Mallika opened a dance school to help her mother. He also worked as a backup dancer in the film.

Since then, I had the desire to become an actress. But this wish came true much later. Mallika was married before that. He fell in love with someone very young and left home in one piece. He built the house believing. She became the mother of a child. When her daughter was 9 years old, Mallika’s faith was shattered.

Her husband left her and started a family elsewhere. Mallika entered the theater with a huge burden of debt on her head. Mallika first acted there to announce an audition. Also elected. His first soap opera was “Sohage Sindoor”.

Mallika trusted another person again. He gave up playing his words. But later he was wrong. He got out of that relationship and started working again. Today he has his own car, his house, everything is done with the money from his hard work. The sisters also became self-sufficient. Mallika is nice to everyone. But thinking of his father, he still has faith, waiting for a happy ending.

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