Manali Dey: I will leave the family if my husband is involved in extramarital affairs: Manali ‘Phuljhuri’ Dey


Manali Dey: I will leave the family if my husband is involved in extramarital affairs: Manali ‘Phuljhuri’ Dey

Dhulokona: Director Abhimanyu Mukhopadhyay married actress Manali Dey during lockdown.

Manali Dey: I will leave the family if my husband is involved in extramarital affairs: Manali 'Phuljhuri' Dey

Actress Manali Dey as Phuljhuri in ‘Dhulokana’

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The “dust” is now floating in the air. This Bengali series regularly takes the top spot in the TRP list. Along with that, the mega series is having its big week. Lalon, the hero of the story, recently divorced. He broke off his marriage with Phuljhuri. The reason for this separation is the pheasant. Phulzhuri could not accept Lalan’s weakness towards the pheasant. He didn’t want Lalon to walk on two boats. But Phulzhuri is no loser. He will move forward with the song, wiping away the tears with both hands. Actress Manali Dey has brilliantly portrayed the character on screen. What decision Manali would have made if this had happened in her life, TV9 Bangla told TV9 Bangla.

Bengali TV9: What exactly does it feel like to be number one in the TRP?

Manali: But I don’t think much about TRP. Always try to give my best performance. But it’s also true, it’s always nice to receive compliments. If the public likes it, the responsibility increases a lot. But one more thing happens in my case, as the TRP increases the desire to do better, just as the TRP decreases, it feels like you are performing better to regain the spot.

Bengali TV9: We see you in two types of characters – one very bubbly, the other very sad… Phuljhuri’s character is a mix of both…

Manali: at all It’s all in the character of Phuljhuri.

Bengali TV9: Which is better – crying or laughing?

Manali: When that’s what the character needs.

Bengali TV9: Which person does Manali most resemble?

Manali: Manali likes to laugh and play. Likes to talk a lot. But according to character, Phuljhuri does what is necessary. Then I have no problem doing it.

Bengali TV9: There is a standoff with Lalan, first Sparrow-Lalan-Fuljhuri. Then now pheasant-care-phulzhuri. Two birds are sparrows and pheasants. The sparrow sits on another branch after marrying another person. The problem now is the pheasant…

Manali: Lalan is still not fully recovered after losing his memory after drowning in the water. He remembers all the times spent with the pheasants. After regaining his memory, he remembers the family and Phuljhuri. But the times have passed. He remembers the times spent with Tiri and his family. A crisis developed from there and it will say in the future if Lalan will really belong to the pheasant or the flower.

Bengali TV9: But what Phuljhuri has taken is that Lalon can’t walk in two boats…

Manali: Yes, and Phuljhuri made it clear that if Lalan is good with Pheasant, he should. Lalan’s well-being is important to him. He cannot share, because it is not possible for him to walk in two boats.

Bengali TV9: If this life crisis happens (hypothetically) in Manali’s life, will she also make the same decision as Phuljhuri?

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Manali: Manali will do just that. In fact, Lalan is sick. What Lalan is doing is completely unconscious. If this happens in my life or if I see my husband doing this because of an illness, I will ask him for advice. I will not leave. But if I see that it is not because of illness, but because he loves someone else, then I will do what Phuljhuri did. I will also leave my husband.

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