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Manik in chat with a song on hold

Manik in chat with a song on hold

He has already experienced his caste with life-oriented and down-to-earth songs. Now singer Amirul Momenin Manik has created a series of songs called Standby Songs on contemporary issues. His debut stand-by song ‘Madhyavitta Chuchu Bhai’, breaking with the conventional trend of Bengali songs, has already been widely appreciated. The song surpassed 1.2 million views on the artist’s verified Facebook alone. Apart from that, he always sang ‘Bugizugi Boyfriend Girlfriend’, ‘Ugandake Bildeen’, ‘Bagher Kante Shuni Keer Dak’, ‘Border Guard’, ‘Bhor Ki Jaane Sakal Kabe? Songs called ‘Eden College’, ‘Sugar Daddy’ etc. He named songs written and composed by the artist himself as relief songs because they are sung on the spot with the immediate event in mind. Legendary artist Nachiketa was inspired by these songs. He wrote a new watch song for Manik. The song titled ‘Tumi Kon Partir Lok’ will be released very soon in the words of Nachiketa. A journalist who won the UNESCO Club Journalism Prize, Manik is also known as a writer.

Published in 2012 at the Ekushey book fair, his book “Some Stupid Teachers of the University” is the second best-selling book. In 2005, he gained immense popularity by singing a song called “Ma Je Dus Mas Dus Din”. After that, albums named ‘Saara’, ‘Alor Parash’, ‘Pahri’, ‘Appeal Division’, ‘Ma’ were released one by one. In 2014, Amirul Momenin Manik’s duet with legendary Bengali singer Nachiketa Chakraborty titled ‘Ai Bhor’ was a hit. He is constantly posting new songs on his “Manik Music” on YouTube. Not only as a singer himself, but also as a lyricist and composer of life-oriented songs, Manik has created a distinct space. Rathindranath Roy, Nakul Kumar Biswas, Kumar Biswajit, Agun, Asif Akbar, SI Tutul, Biplab of Prometheus, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Rajib, Liza and many more have already sung its lyrics. He has received numerous awards, including London Culture Festival Award, Shilpakala Academy Artist Award, West Bengal Artist Award (India-Kolkata), Arshikatha Award (Tripura, India). Amirul Momenin Manik’s constant meditation and goal is to showcase humanity through music.

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