Many people talked a lot about coming home at night: Moumita Islam

Many people talked a lot about coming home at night: Moumita Islam

Entertainment desk: Starting with a television presentation. After that, Moumita Islam started acting on the small screen. This actress has faced many challenges on the journey of light camera action cut to match herself.

Moumita Islam

Moumita Islam has already proven himself since entering cut action. He has also starred in several drama series and one-act plays. However, her journey in the showbiz arena has not been very smooth.

Moumita said: “When I started working in the media, many people asked me why I came home so late. Lots of people were talking about what they were doing outside. Yet, I did not give up. I did my job to establish myself. Many events occur outside the media but nothing is said about them. A lot of people talk a lot because I work in showbiz. I accept these things, but I move forward in my work.

This actress, who made herself known by playing in the drama Hati Hati Pa Pa Kare, also wants to equal herself on the big screen. Moumita Islam also said that although the small screen and the big screen are different, here acting is important. This is how I go from the small screen to the big screen but with my acting skills. I want to work in films but it will take a little longer.

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However, theater or cinema are not important to her, she wants to keep her life as an artist alive by acting. Moumita Islam remains in a strong position by repeatedly facing challenges to prove herself in the torturous path of life.

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