Marital problems or something else? Nachiketai broke the silence and revealed the secret behind the “divorce” post

Marital problems or something else? Nachiketai broke the silence and revealed the secret behind the “divorce” post

Bangladeshi office: Musician Nachiketa Chakraborty’s Facebook was ablaze with rumors amid the entertainment frenzy. He surprised everyone by suddenly announcing the “divorce” and posting on social media. The tension of personal life or the promotion of new songs? Questions began to arise. But Nachiketa avoided saying it was a “personal” matter. Finally, the answer was found in his social media handle.

No, Nachiketa fans have nothing to worry about. No problems arose in the personal life of the singer. In fact, everything is a publicity gimmick. Lately, stars are taking a “hot” approach by increasing secrecy to promote something. Nachiketa also joined the same path this time.

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A few days ago Nachiketa posted a message on social media. He shared a photo. Divorce is written there in black. Above is a red line drawn at an angle. He wrote in the caption, ‘Yah! Eventually, the divorce was made. All the whispers and rumors started from this post. A lot of people started thinking, the singer got in trouble with his wife?

He himself kept the locks on his mouth. The mystery is finally revealed. In fact, Nachiketa is coming up with a new song. The name is “Happy Divorce”. So much in promoting this song! Happy Divorce hits YouTube on January 27.

Earlier, the singer’s daughter Dhansindi was asked about Nachiketa’s divorce. What’s the story behind the “divorce” message? The daughter said that she did not understand why the father wrote like that. Dhansidi said it was not discussed with Nachiketa even though he was in the same house as his parents.

At present, Nachiketa is very busy with music programs. So there was no time to talk about this matter to father and daughter. And when mom asked Sumita, she got the answer: “Do your own thing, you don’t have to think about it.” At the end, Dhansidi informed that if the parents made a decision, it is their personal decision. But now there is no room for debate.

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