Mark Zuckerberg could resign from Facebook!


Mark Zuckerberg could resign from Facebook!

New projects keep coming. 11,000 workers were laid off to reduce the company’s cost burden. But Facebook and Meta still see no profit. Rumor has it that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is resigning from Metaverse after admitting his failure. By whose hands Facebook was born.

There are rumors that Mark Zuckerberg will be leaving the company next year. Recently, various news related to this are circulating on international technology portals.

According to these reports, the CEO of Mater could resign next year, i.e. 2023. It is said that the failure of one project after another forces Zuckerberg to resign.

The report also claims that Andy Stone, head of Mater’s communications department, may step down.

A website called The Leak claimed in its report that Mark Zuckerberg will leave the company next year. He has spent money on the Metaverse project, but sees no profit. Moreover, the company constantly loses. Also, their VR project didn’t respond particularly well in the market either.

Earlier last month, a Financial Times report said Meta investors no longer trust Mark Zuckerberg. The number of people investing in the meta is starting to dwindle. This all came out of Brad Gerstner’s open letter.

Mark Zuckerberg would seek to divest after the failure of projects like Metaverse and the departure of certain investors.

Note that Metaverse saw a drop of more than 70% in Meta stock.

Sources: The Leak, Tech Gap, TV Nine


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