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Marriage of hero and heroine


Marriage of hero and heroine

Telugu film actor Gautham Karthik. During his nine-year acting career, he gave many popular films. On the other hand, Manjima Mohan is a South Indian film actress. His career also accumulated several acclaimed works. These two stars have also worked together in films.

The silver screen couple are getting married in real life. Karthik-Manjima ends this relationship after falling in love. They will be linked to Satpaka this month.

Pinkvilla reported in a report that Gautham Karthik and Manjima Mohan will get married on November 28. The wedding ceremony will be completed in one day. There will be no post-wedding reception at this time. Family members and close friends will attend the wedding.

Gautham Karthik thinks Manjima is perfect as a life partner. The actor said, “My dad always says when you meet the right person, you become a man. Manjima is such a perfect person for me. She’s not only beautiful but also has a wonderful and strong personality. If I’m upset, Manjima can easily get me out of it.

Speaking about his relationship with Manjima, Gautham Karthik said, “When we worked together in ‘Devartam’ in 2019, we were very good friends. Then we spent a year together.’

The latest movie released from Manjima is “FIR”. This Tamil-language film was released on February 11. He is currently working on the Telugu film ‘October 31 Ladies Night’.

On the other hand, Karthik’s latest movie is “Yata Satam”. This action thriller was released on March 11. He is currently working on a film called “August 16, 1947”.

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