Marriage without register, disappearance of the second wife


Marriage without register, disappearance of the second wife

Entertainment desk: Serious allegations have been made against the country’s popular singer, SI Tutul. TV presenter Sharmina Siraj’s second wife has disappeared, leaving Sonia alone after failing to get money. On July 4, Tutul married Sonia, who lives in New York, America. But Sonia herself said that this marriage took place without a register. Now there is no more communication between the two.

According to sources, a year after divorcing Tutul’s first wife, actress Tanya Ahmed, he married TV presenter Sharmina Siraj Sonia. Tutul celebrated this marriage by calling Huzur at home without register. The two lived together after marriage. After that, the singer suddenly left New York and lives in Florida, leaving Sonya behind without asking his wife for money for business.

In this regard, says Sonia, the company asked me for money, I did not give the money because I had doubts. Then Tutul disappeared from his home on August 1 without telling anyone. He said, we left the register and called Huzur at home and got married. There are many rules and regulations to follow when getting married in America. Does Tutul’s ex-wife still have divorce issues? Apart from this, Tutul failed to register due to other complications.

This presenter said, now I don’t live together anymore. Tutul wants to do something. To earn money for the family, he seems to be staying in Florida. Tutul also wanted to take me to Bangladesh. Florida also asked to stay.

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But I’m doing a good job in New York. Here is my established career. I have a son. I can’t go anywhere if I want to. Tutul’s green card is not yet. He is also trying to bring his son over from Bangladesh. However, no comments were received from Tutul in this regard.

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