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Married according to the modern-chimcham-vedic, light in the arms of Turya at each meeting!

Married according to the modern-chimcham-vedic, light in the arms of Turya at each meeting!

Personal correspondent: “I have seen a lot of weddings. I have also been to the wedding of a lot of friends. Roshni Bhattacharya-Turya Sen’s wedding will be remembered forever,” Shrishti Pandey said first while talking about her friend’s wedding with Aajkal.in. Shrishti is the niece of director-producer Raj Chakraborty. Roshni’s co-star in the series “Twilight Talk. Why did he say that? Is there a reason for that? According to the words of Srishti, “Believe me, I have never seen a girl sitting on the wedding step do so much. Manchi is Roshni-Turyadar’s second marriage. If you had seen Roshni, you would have said the same thing. How many people said at the wedding house, the girl is getting married very happily. This way he can spend his whole life happy.”

The celebration started from this Nahnimukha. The bride sits happily with her father in the puja. He always had a smile on his face. After that, the body is yellow. Always followed all the rituals of the dance. Even this time, Roshni’s outfit was worth seeing. Floral jewelry to accompany Red Benarsi. Rajnigandha hand garland, neck garland, head tikli.

Evening wedding. Nandini Bhowmik, the female priest, united their four hands. So there was no gift of daughters. Married in a modern and sneaky way. According to Vedic Roshni chose Banarasi of milky color. Dressed domestically. Jord-Punjabi for the groom.

Everyone will remember that Roshni is going to the wedding. Wedding ceremony in a garden house at the back of Anandpur. The wedding hall is far from the bride’s house. The bride had already said that she would go and sit on the straw for a while. The rest is done on foot. After a while, the music started playing. By the way, Roshni is also a step back from Pindi. Covering his face with a palm leaf, he entered the wedding hall to dance! After that, get married according to the rules. Tears in the eyes of the bride watching the trumpet after removing the betel leaves! Seeing him, Turya is also puzzled. Srishti was taking pictures. Seeing them in this state, they smile to one side. On the other hand, his eyes are also crying.

This love remained until the last moment of the marriage. Suddenly, Tangr hugged the new bride. The mandap floats in the song of love. Both sides burn basin tubri. So that the light of Roshni’s wedding does not fade.

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