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Maryam Mannan, Shakib Khan, Bubli…


Maryam Mannan, Shakib Khan, Bubli…

A lot of people don’t read the news about clickbait like me and a few others. But we are old people so we avoid them on the pretext of interesting news. But almost everyone reads and that’s natural because what comes in the media comes because it has a consumer. The media that will deny them, what can we say in the mainstream media? But it will be in some media whose footing will be outside the market. They don’t have financial problems so they can do it but are they strong and influential? For the rest, do these few names reflect the true face of reality?

The stories of Rahima Khatun and Maryam speak of disappearance, abduction, concealment. Not outrageous in that sense. But in a sense, it is so. The charges against them are that they lied, tried to deceive everyone by making up games. As a result, innocent people went to jail. But who did it, how he did it and why he did it is still unclear. Police said Rahima was not abducted. Miriam says she’s not sure. His daughter took him to a mental hospital. Let’s see what happens at the end. But in the media world, they are established as negative characters, maybe even more so.

Shakib Khan, Bubli, Apu Biswas, Pooja Cherry, all are associated with each other by names and personal relationships in the film world. Shakib’s first secret relationship – a child with Apu Biswas, second secret relationship with Bubli – another child and the media habit of his third secret relationship with Pooja Cheri, child too or maybe still. The topic is not the topic because then these things happen in the entertainment world, news is made, readers watch and read. But denying them as subjects is just a strangely blinding act for the media. Who covers all of this is the question, not what is covered.

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There are two main categories of media 1. Professional media 2. Social media. And those familiar with both will see that social media is not only much bigger than professional media, it is much more influential. The news reaches them much sooner. Apart from these unique videos, there are only a few underground TV channels. The amount of news they gave about Maryam and her mother through him, that will never be possible for the professional media. Even Maryam’s phone calls went through. It was thought that no one but intelligence agencies could do this, but the power of social media is unimaginable. There is far more news in the world of Facebook and YouTube than in recognized licensed media.

All these so-called amateur media in the digital media world do a lot of publicity! It is difficult to estimate/think about their income and readership. Where the media above calculate in thousands, they do so in lakhs, crores. This means that the consumer goes towards him and this world, his reality cannot be denied even with his eyes closed. Advertisers don’t.

Therefore, the professional media should learn to survive by competing with them, because if this trend continues, no one will eat the polite and civilized professional media, it means no publicity and no money will come, so death is certain. Charitable and donation-based media will continue, but whether or not they will be strong is unclear.

Realizing that social media has become the mainstream media requires realistic planning. Today, right now.

(Views expressed are those of the author and not of UNB)

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