Meet Sriram in front of your eyes! A woman bows at the feet of actor Arun Govil, viral video


Meet Sriram in front of your eyes! A woman bows at the feet of actor Arun Govil, viral video

Bangladeshi office: ‘Ramayana’ is one of the serials produced on Hindi TV so far. The series created in 1987 is still iconic. The series was based on the Ramayana epic. The series became so popular that it was brought back to television during the lockdown.

Arun Govil played the role of Sriram in the series based on the epic Ramayana. His performance mesmerized the audience so much that many placed him on the seat of God. To this day, fans bow devoutly when they see him in front. Internet users have witnessed such an incident recently.

Arun Govil has practically become immortal in the public mind by acting in the Ramayan series. His name has been written in gold letters in the history of Hindi soap operas. Arun Govil is proof that he can get so much popularity playing just one character. Its popularity is still intact.

Recently, a video went viral on social media. A woman was seen touching Arun Govil’s feet and bowing. In fact, Arun recently went to Sambhajinagar for some work. A woman can recognize him by seeing him at the airport. He couldn’t handle the thrill of seeing Sriram in front of the screen.

In the viral video, the woman can be seen bowing to Arun Govil’s feet. Meanwhile, the actor is a little off guard for such a deal in front of everyone at the airport. He asked a person to explain the woman. The woman gets up, but tears well up in her eyes.

It is as if he sees Sriram before his eyes. Arun also returned the salute. He also took a photo of a devout woman wearing a northerner around her neck. Netizens also became emotional after the video went viral. It is true that the age of the beloved actor has increased according to the rules of time, but this video is proof that his popularity has not even decreased much.

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