Meghan Markle: Explain the money! Meghan Markle asks King Charles for a one-on-one to clear the air after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral


Meghan Markle: Explain the money! Meghan Markle asks King Charles for a one-on-one to clear the air after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth II is buried in Westminster Abbey, London. This time, Meghan Markle, the Queen’s great-granddaughter, will return to her home in California, USA. Before that, he wants to have a bilateral meeting with all members of the royal family. He also appealed to King Charles III in this regard. According to a YouTuber in Britain, the ‘Duchess of Sussex’ wants to settle important royal family business before returning to the United States. The YouTuber claimed it was a “very brave” step. However, nothing has been reported by Buckingham Palace in London about this.

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The name of this YouTuber in London is Neil Sun. He claims to have gotten this news from a reliable source in Rajbari. In his words, “Meghan wants to sort out Rajbari’s family issues before he returns to California. That’s why he wants to talk to each of the royals separately. That’s why he asked the king.” According to custom, if such a request must be communicated to the king, it must be communicated by letter. This YouTuber claims that the “Duchess of Sussex” Meghan Markle sent this letter to the King.

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Prince Harry, the youngest son of King Charles, has had issues with his wife Meghan since becoming royals for a variety of reasons. A few days after the wedding, she left the palace and traveled to the United States with her husband. Harry even refused the couple to take any royal titles. After the Queen’s death, they returned to London. And according to tradition, the couple bear the title of “Duke and Duchess of Sussex”. But in the meantime, there is speculation that Harry has been asked to stay in America by King Charles. As a result, a discussion has started among netizens whether the issue with Megan has been resolved.

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Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last at Balmoral Palace in Scotland on September 8. From there, the Queen’s coffin was transported to London. The first was taken to Buckingham Palace. The coffin was then kept in Westminster Hall. She was buried next to her husband, Prince Philip, at Westminster Abbey on September 19. About 500 guests attended the Queen’s funeral. There were the wives of US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to the event. Draupadi Murmu was the President of India.

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