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Meghla Mukta’s “Imprint” in Desi Cinema after Telugu

Meghla Mukta’s “Imprint” in Desi Cinema after Telugu

Bkach July

Faridur Reza Sagar’s Impress Telefilm Limited’s “Pyeer Chhap” is about to be released. This film directed by Saiful Islam Mannu will be released in theaters nationwide on December 23 (Friday).

Reneta June

Impress Abu Shahed Eamon, Telefilm’s film consultant, has announced the release of ‘Peyer Chhap’.

He said: “Impress Telefilm always produces films with their own stories. The new effort in this continuity is ‘Footprints’. It highlighted the struggle and success of women in our country. I believe the movie will be loved by the audience and ordinary women will be inspired to move forward after watching this movie.

“Footprints” has already received full Censor Board clearance with praise. It is essentially a female film. Meghla Mukta from Dhaka played the central role. who once acted in the Telugu film ‘Sakalakala Vallavudu’.

This is the first time that Meghla’s film “Payer Chhap” is going to be released. He said he gets anointed in desi cinema through this movie. The excitement of Megla Pearl is therefore not lacking on the occasion of the release of ‘Footprints’.

She said, I became the first heroine in Telugu industry. Now she will make her acting debut through ‘Payer Chhap’. Again, through a production house like Impress Telefilm. So I’m very excited. Awaiting public feedback.

Meghla Mukta said, “Footprints” is built on the story of a woman struggling to move forward. He said, “Footprints” is the story of a woman who dreams of it and achieves it in our society. An ordinary housewife is afraid to dream. Footsteps is the story of a wonderful journey to overcome this fear, realize dreams and confront the male-dominated society.

Meghla Mukta said women going from zero to top will show up in the footprints. Now the public will see good stories and make pictures. I believe Footprints is a complete picture that audiences can enjoy all the time.

The story, dialogues and screenplay of ‘Footprints’ are written by director Saiful Islam Mannu. Music directed by Fuad Nasser Babu and Shaukat Ali Imon. Jhelik and Atiya Anisha gave voice to two songs from this film.

Besides Meghla Mukta, Deepanvita Martin, Pran Roy, Deepa Khandkar, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Karvi Meezan, Naresh Bhuiyan also acted.


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