Meta removed 33.7 million objectionable content from Facebook Instagram in India in September


Meta removed 33.7 million objectionable content from Facebook Instagram in India in September

After the Center announced changes to the new Information Technology Act 2021 to make social media platforms more restrictive, Meta said it had removed more than 30.7 million ‘objectionable content’ in accordance with the 13 rules announced for Facebook. Similarly, 12 policies for Instagram in India removed 3 million content in September.

Between September 1 and September 30, Meta received 587 complaints through its Indian complaint system and the company said 100% of the cases were handled in accordance with the new IT law.

“In 534 of these reports, we advised users to resolve the issue,” Meta added.

Of the remaining 53 reports requiring special review, Meta reviewed the content in accordance with its policy and action was taken in a total of 21 cases.

“The remaining 32 reports have been reviewed but no action can be taken,” Meta also said.

In the case of Instagram, the company received 1,115 reports through its Indian complaint mechanism and responded to 100% of cases.

Meta said: “Of these reports, 987 cases provided users with tools to resolve issues. These included pre-established channels to report specific content violation, self-remediation streams where they can upload their data , account takeover issues, etc. ways to resolve, etc.”

Under the new 2021 IT rules, large digital and social media platforms with more than 5 million users are required to publish monthly compliance reports.

Meta said: “We measure the number of content (such as posts, photos, videos or comments) and take action against our guidelines. Actions may include removing content from Facebook or Instagram or coverage of photos or videos, which annoys some users.”

IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said last week that the latest amendment to the Information Technology Act 2021 will require social media companies to maintain a more diligent effort.

Regarding the new rules, the Center said it will set up appeal boards to address user grievances against decisions by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook on hosting controversial content. The government wants social media platforms to act as partners.

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