MG Air Electric: The cheapest electric car from MG Motor in India at the beginning of the year, 150 km of autonomy, what are the characteristics?


MG Air Electric: The cheapest electric car from MG Motor in India at the beginning of the year, 150 km of autonomy, what are the characteristics?

MG Air Electric Launch News: MG Motor will launch its cheapest electric vehicle in early 2023. The model sold in the Indonesian market, the Indian version will be slightly different. His name will also change.

This time MG Air Electric is also coming to India.

MG Motor Cheapest EV: MG Motor is to launch its cheapest electric vehicle in India. MG Motor will launch its lowest-cost electric vehicle in early 2023, the company announced today. The electric vehicle is based on the Air EV, which is already sold by MG Motor’s sister brand Wuling. The new electric car, codenamed E230, has been launched in the Indonesian market. However, it is known that several modifications will be made in the Indian version taking into account the Indian roads, the environment and especially the weather. It is also reported that the car was road tested in India.

Meanwhile, MG Motor could also change the name of its next affordable electric car. The Indian version of the Air EV should have another name. Now, the name of MG Motor’s electric vehicle will only be known when the car is launched in India in early 2023. However, it is confirmed that the car will be based on the Global Small Electric Vehicles (GSEV) platform. It is also said that the platform can be adapted to different body styles.

Being India specific, the car is likely to get several changes. For example, this car will have a battery management system capable of handling extreme heat and will also offer an advanced air conditioning unit. Moreover, this electric sedan will carry the MG badge when launched in India.

But the design of this cheap electric car is fun, cute and very attractive. The car is compact and compact in size, designed for daily city activities. The vehicle has two large doors, which will facilitate entry and exit.

At the front of this EV is a full-width light bar and a chrome strip that runs across its edge to the rear-view mirror. The global brand offers the Air EV with steel wheels. But it may vary slightly in India. Most likely, bearing in mind the roads of this country, this car may have alloy wheels or stylish rims. Like other cars from MG Motors, it will be offered with several attractive features.

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It is not yet confirmed which battery will be offered in this car and what its capacity will be. However, it is believed that a 20-25 kWh battery may be present in this car. The range of the car will be 150 Km. That is, this car can travel up to 150 km on a single charge. Also, the car’s electric motor will have a power of 40 hp, which is more than enough for commuters and city tasks.

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