Michael Jackson Biopic | Michael Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson to play his character in biopic Michael dgtl

Michael Jackson Biopic | Michael Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson to play his character in biopic Michael dgtl

‘King of Pop’. He is Michael Jackson. He returns to the big screen. A biopic based on the life of the late King of Pop is in the works in Hollywood. The name of the movie is ‘Michael’. Michael Jackson’s nephew, Zafar Jackson, will star as Michael Jackson in the Lionsgate-produced film. The film’s director, Antoine Fuqua, announced it by sharing a photo of Zafar’s Moonwalk on social media.


The enthusiasm and curiosity of ordinary people for the life of the legendary Hollywood pop star is endless. The biopic will focus on the most controversial aspects of Michael’s life – from his artistic talent to the many controversies in his personal life. This was announced earlier by the makers of the film. Graham King, one of the producers of ‘Michael’, increased the excitement several times with the release of the news that his nephew Jafar Jackson has been finalized for the role of Michael this time around. He was behind the Oscar-nominated film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” based on the life of Freddie Mercury, frontman of British rock band “Queen.” Regarding Jafar’s finalization of the role of Michael, Graham said that although the actor was sought after for the role of Michael all over the world, no one could bring it to life like Jafar. After meeting Jafar a few years ago, he felt that if anyone could portray the character of Michael, it was only Jafar.

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His grandson will play the role of the son. The mother of the happy Michael Jackson, Kathryn Jackson. Kathryn is proud that Zafar continues and perpetuates the legacy of the Jackson family. Recently in 2019, Jermaine Jackson’s son Zafar entered the pop world with the song “Got Me Singing”. Waiting for his big screen debut this time. Once everything is finalized, the film will start from this year.


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