Midnight thief panic, police say rumors

Midnight thief panic, police say rumors

In different areas of Barisal, bandits were announced simultaneously at the microphone of the mosque at midnight and everyone was asked to be vigilant. This caused widespread panic throughout the city and district. In many areas of the city, people took to the streets with fear sticks. At this moment, the cries of panicked people are heard. Meanwhile, the police say it is a rumour.

The announcement was made between 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday (December 6) and 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday (December 7).

Mainul Hasan, a resident of Bhatikhana neighborhood, said the news of the robbers entering the neighborhood was broadcast from the mosque’s microphone around 2 a.m. Panic spread throughout the neighborhood. Moments later, the same announcement was made from the microphone of a nearby mosque.

Another resident of Amanatganj area said that around two o’clock in the evening, the mosque’s microphone announced that many thieves had entered the area, everyone should be careful. Following this announcement, there was an outcry in the region. And this is the first time I hear such news in our Barisal.

Furthermore, this announcement was made at mosques in all parts of the city including New Bazaar, Kaunia, Mahabaz, Kalushah Road, Alekanda, Kashipur, Chandpasha of Babuganj area, Dedygati, Raipasha Karapur of Sadar Upazila.

But this announcement started from the delay of Babuganj. Ordinary people are suddenly terrified by the announcement of such a robbery at the microphone of the mosque. After that, they ask for help through social networks. However, they do not understand why such a sound recording was made suddenly.

Metropolitan Police Additional Assistant Commissioner Fazlul Karim said rumors could have spread. The police patrol all the neighborhoods. Everyone beware of rumours.

Additional District Commissioner Sohail Maruf said district police have been contacted. They patrol the crossroads. The police don’t have a clear message about the sound recording. However, they said the sound recording was in progress. The microphone can be scheduled.

Barisal Metropolitan Police Commissioner Saiful Islam said there was no basis for reporting dacoits carrying mosque microphones at midnight. A circle spread rumors to sow panic among people. Townspeople shouldn’t panic listening to this. We are following the case closely. Why or who spread this rumor. The police are working to identify the perpetrators of the rumour. In addition, police patrols have been reinforced in the city at night.

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