Mifa-9-electric-mpv-will attract the attention of car enthusiasts

Mifa-9-electric-mpv-will attract the attention of car enthusiasts

MG Mifa 9 E-MPV: Along with Maruti Tata, several cars from Morris Garages caught the eye at the country’s biggest car show. In addition to SUVs, there are electric models. MG Mifa 9 E-MPV caught the eye at this year’s Auto Expo. Find out why this car is a big bet at Morris Garages.

MG Cars: How is the cabin space?

MG showed many new cars at the Auto Expo. Among which the MG Mifa 9 E-MPV attracted attention. But now buyers are waiting for the company to place this car in which category. In fact, the Mifa 9 is a huge luxury MPV with plenty of seats and features. You really can’t take your eyes off this huge minivan at first sight. It has plenty of space inside, with lots of chrome used on the outside. Which adds to the beauty of the car.

MG Mifa 9 E-MPV: How much range will the car give?

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Here’s a minivan-like silhouette with tall, slim headlights/taillights. The Mifa 9 is rumored to be 5270mm in length. It is longer than the Velfire, which makes it much taller. As the car is so large, it also has two rows of captain’s chairs. With a 90kWh battery, the Mifa 9 can have a range of over 400km. At least that’s what the company claims.

MG Cars: The car will be available in electric version only

This entire dashboard has a touch screen. It provides more space inside the car with high quality materials. The length of the board and the luxurious design of this car make this car a good minivan. Which could make it a rival to Wellfire. But it will only be available with an electric powertrain. MG has shown the car at the show for now. But if it comes to electric vehicles, it will have no rivals. With the success of the Velfire, luxury minivans came into their own. It has a high demand in the market. More because the customer will have plenty of space and luxury items. MG displayed many interesting vehicles in its global portfolio at the Auto Expo, including the 4 EV.

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