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Mim also had to leave Raj after Shakib, which happened 13 years ago…

Mim also had to leave Raj after Shakib, which happened 13 years ago…

Vidya Sinha Mim has been acting in films for 14 years. The ‘Lux Channel I Superstar’ winner made her film debut in 2008 with Humayun Ahmed’s ‘Amar Hai Jal’.

The following year he starred in the movie ‘Amar Praner Priya’ opposite ‘Dhalliwood superstar’ Shakib Khan. The production company of this hit film, Heartbeat Productions, has finalized Mim in the upcoming film ‘Mane Prane Acho Tumi’.

They also made a contract with three lakh taka. The company’s head, Taapsee Farooq, then said he would do five more films with Mim and Shakib later. However, MIM dropped out before filming for ‘Mane Prane Acho Tumi’ started.

Producer Taapsee later said he was forced to cast Apu Biswas in the film due to pressure. I couldn’t do anything for Mim, so I don’t even want the agreed money back. Mim however hinted that it was Apu Biswas himself who put this pressure on the producer. He dropped Mim from the movie with Shakib and joined him. After that, Mim continued to act in films but could not prove herself. Finally, after 13 years, the actress got to know her caste through the movie ‘Paran’.

Overshadowing the film’s other two actors, Shariful Raj and Yash Rohan, Alokit became the star of his performance. After ‘Paraan’, her performance with Raj in ‘Damaal’ also received critical acclaim. When the film’s famous makers started planning to pair Mim-Raj overnight, another setback occurred. Raj’s wife, actress Parimoni, began to question Raj’s closeness to MIM. Mim pulled out before the problem started.

He said he would not act in any other movies with Raj. A pair broke without getting up! The ‘Porakpali’ actress said: ‘I’m also married. Never want trouble in other people’s world. Filming with Raj means there will be an intimate scene or two. And it may not be able to support the money. Pari is also my good friend, I want their family to be happy. ‘

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