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Mim in Calcutta for ‘Manush’

Mim in Calcutta for ‘Manush’

Last year, Vidya Sinha Mim, the best actress in Bangladeshi films, became the “Best Actress” of the year. In a survey by ‘Madiha Marsiha Advertising’, she was considered the best actress of the year 2022 for her impeccable performance in the film ‘Paraan’ directed by Raihan Rafi. Mim took her husband and parents to Dubai before the New Year to celebrate the English New Year. He returned home on January 8 after the New Year celebrations from there.

He has already left for Calcutta after returning home for a few days of rest. There, from January 15, he started working on a film called “Manush” opposite Jeet directed by Sanjay Samaddar. Will continue until January 23.

Mim said he will have to travel to Kolkata for the shooting of this movie next February. Mim plays the role of Mandira in the film.

Vidya Sinha Mim

Vidya Sinha Mim said, “Previously, I acted in the movie Sultan with Jeet Da. After a break of several years, I’m working with him again in a new film. The story of the movie, my character is all in one word awesome. I feel very happy to play in this film. The whole unit here is very cooperative. My mother is with me. That’s why I can definitely do the job with attention. Honestly, I have no end of gratitude to my mother. I am forever grateful to my mother for guiding me to where I am today. The mother’s debt cannot be repaid. And in my case it is not possible. I just want everyone to pray for my mom, may God keep my mom and dad safe and healthy.

Last year, besides ‘Paran’, the movie ‘Damaal’ directed by Raihan Rafi, starring Mim, was also released. Yash and Raj facing Mim in ‘Paran’; She was opposite Siam and Raj in the movie ‘Damaal’. Meanwhile, Mim regularly works as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Mim played for the first time in the film “Amar Hai Jal” by Humayun Ahmed.

Vidya Sinha Mim

He won his first National Film Award for his performance in the film “Jonakir Alo” directed by Khalid Mahmood Mithu. Education Minister Dr Mim graduated from South Eastern University last year and completed his masters degree. Dipu accepted the Sanad from Moni.

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