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Minister of Information at the premiere of the film ‘Veerakanya Pritilata’

Minister of Information at the premiere of the film ‘Veerakanya Pritilata’

The film ‘Birkanya Pritilata’ made with the grant from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has been released. The Minister of Information and Broadcasting opened the film’s premiere at the Star Cineplex in the Bashundhara City shopping complex on the capital’s Panthpath on Wednesday afternoon. Hassan Mahmud.

Director Pradeep Ghosh, actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha, actor Manoj Pramanik, Sheikh Shaki etc. were present at that time. Director Pradeep said the film was released in 10 theaters across the country, including Star Cineplex.

The Minister of Information congratulated the artists and the film crew. He said: ‘Tisha played the role of Pritilata, I congratulate her too, because Pritilata is a historical figure. Pritilata is an endless source of motivation for the movement, the struggle, the fight for freedom in this subcontinent. Kudos also to director Pradeep Ghosh.

Dr. Reminiscing about his youth, Hashan said, “I read the books of the revolutionary movement Pritilata and Chittagong in my youth and had such fondness for Pritilata, Suryasen and members of his revolutionary movement and their activities that at that age, I dreamed of becoming a revolutionary teenager. From chasing that dream to later joining student politics and politics.

The minister said: “Pritilata was a member of the revolutionary movement of Suryasen. He was tasked with attacking the European club in Chittagong, where the sign “Indians and dogs are not aloud” was written. Europeans used to go to this club and only they had access to it, dogs and Indians did not have access to it. The responsibility to attack there fell to Pritilat. Pritilata was injured while returning from an attack disguised as a man and then committed suicide by consuming potassium cyanide. The reason for the suicide was that if Pritilata was caught, the British would know all the plans of their revolutionary movement to torture her. He gave his life to prevent this from happening. A 32-page statement from India’s freedom movement was found inside his clothes. This story is not a story, it is a true story, a true story.

Hasan Mahmud said, “I strongly believe that this film will inspire young people and especially those who want to know the history, who want to love, love, the country. Not only has this film sparked interest here, a few days ago 30 Indian journalists came to our country, when they heard, they are also sitting eagerly when they can show this film in India. I ask you to watch this movie.

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